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Your Story: Rebranding HR

StartsHereStory Homes approached me at the beginning of the year regarding an internal rebrand for their HR department and communications.  Having gone on a research trip to their latest site in Lazonby, The Meadows, I ended up buying a home there! But that’s another story…

We started with 5 concepts playing on different aspects of the Story brand.  It was important that the brand encompassed a feeling of community, team, and most importantly, their people.  We had to work alongside existing Story Homes brand guidelines and create something that complemented it but had it’s own identity.  A couple of our initial concepts are shown below.


The winning concept, ‘Not just another brick in the wall’, was based on the idea of ‘Your Story’ and it being all about ‘You’ and your role within the company, alongside an imagery concept playing on the idea of building blocks; each brick was a person and it took all the bricks working together to create a beautiful home.

Story Welcome Folder_The initial rebrand encompassed the Welcome Folder and theme for the Website, followed by templates for letterheads, banners and adverts, and external recruitment communications and marketing materials.

We really enjoyed working with Story Homes and continue to do so as the company develops into other regions, as well as being very happy in our own Story Home!

For more information on Story Homes recruitment and vacancies, visit the Your Story site.

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