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Web Design vs. Web Graphics

What is the difference between web design and web graphics and how do you know which one you need?

These 2 design modes  have a happy and long lasting marriage, but we can employ them in various different ways to suit what a client is after…

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Let’s start with web design in general… Websites are experiences.  Usability is very important, but so is the visual experience as – let’s be honest – there’s only so much enjoyment that can be derived from a smooth-clicking process (and it’s quite short lived) and as we humans are shallow creatures, it’s not going to be the factor that will keep you there.

You need to treat your website as an extension of your brand, and the homepage like a shop front.  Look at a website and ask yourself, would you want to go into that shop?

Most web companies are headed up by the tech guys, designing from a template then adding your graphics in.  Perhaps they’ll change the colours, perhaps the font, it’s all a little like trying to wedge that square peg into a round mass-produced hole.  We love tech guys (as the coder can attest) but they’re focus is on function, not form.  We create bespoke websites slightly differently – from design to code, which means that it can look as beautiful as the way it works with as little compromise as possible.Function_Over_Form

We use our persuasive commercial design skills to design a website as if it were a single page promotion, and carry this through to all the pages to create a powerful tool for your business, becuase you need to be honest with yourself – no one has ever read ALL the content on someone’s site, so if they’re not sold by a couple of pages, why will they be interested to read more?

All in all – this is what we do when you need a website.  You’re starting from scratch, you hate what you have, you need an overhaul, or it’s just not working…

Web graphics on the other hand, can be used in one of two ways; update or collaborate. Firstly, say you’re best friend is a tech guy and he’s built you this site, but he really is all tech no design spec – you don’t want to hurt his feelings, he will freely admit he’s no ‘designer’ – in which case, we step in to work with your fabulous friend to create something gorgeous and on-message.

If you’re a do-it-yourself kind of a person, on the other hand, have an existing website and are not ready to let go of all your hard work just yet, we can help with the ‘finishes’.  Let’s face it, some home built sites are lovely, but they lack the little bit of ‘polish’ to sit with the big boys.

Just let us know the dimensions of graphical areas within your site, we can create graphics that can sit within these areas, to create a more professional looking finish.  Just think of it as if you are Lord/Lady of Website Manor and we are the lowly cleaner polishing off the tarnish to show the fabulous family silver underneath *doffs cap.


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