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Tyred of January already?

Main SquareOur first rebrand of the year was completed today and we’re happy to show the results of Merlyn Tyre Services (formerly A6 Tyres) rebrand to go with their new name change.

Merlyn tyres is a local family run tyre supply and fitting centre serving Penrith and the surrounding area. Offering personal service and local knowledge along with an excellent range of tyre brands to suit all pockets and vehicles. They’re a small company with big ambitions and felt that their name (A6 Tyres) was too restrictive to their location if and when they choose to expand to other areas in the country.

When I first spoke to Johnny he warned me he’d be a tricky customer; he knew what he liked, and what he didn’t and apologised in advance if this made him difficult. On the contrary, the Merlyn rebrand went like a well oiled machine! He was after something professional yet friendly to reflect what the business offers the customer.

MerlynWe started the rebrand by exploring the letter M within the confines of the tyre industry. Choosing this form of starting point allows you to subconsciously link the two main elements of a logo from the get-go. As a self-professed font-a-holic, traditionally I start every rebrand with the font, but the form of a single letter can sometimes work better.

From our explorations, some strong icons were formed and the different concepts came easily while showing different areas the business may want to go in. Once shown to the client, a concept was chosen straight from the initial stage before continuing to colour and strap lines.

The logo and look were then adapted for social media and we updated the visuals of the existing website, before supplying files that will one day grace the van and uniforms. We really enjoyed this rebrand and we’re happy to complete it for such a nice guy!

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