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Threedom: the game for three

1175026_717299101620575_345288593_nWe were approached by the founders of Threedom to create a website that was simple, clean and clear.  Utilising their existing branding and unique logo, we were to create a simple shop experience where people could visit to buy themselves a board.

Threedom is the game designed for three players; developed in response to the classic board game format that caters for only 2 or 4 players. What do you play when there are 3? Threedom.  Based in Brighton and Balham, Threedom has been carefully designed over decades to ensure that this seamless game plays simply, clearly, and most of all, enjoyably.  This game was originally founded in a basement, in London, in 1978, by three friends, and since then has been polished and perfected to the game available today.

We decided to use a simple tonal palette that reflected the board and embraced the beautiful logo using a tessellated background.  We kept it simple, yet user-friendly, just like the game itself.  Intrigued? Buy your copy here.


“The fabulous Jili Allen turned our website dreams into reality! We had been searching for the right designer for ages…and then Jili Allen popped up. She listened to what we wanted from our website, asked the right questions, understood our requirements, and then created it for us. We love our website.”


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