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The whole package: Utan rebrand

drp34Utan is a self-tanning collection that aims to give you a beautiful tan and a lovely skin tone.  I worked on the original launch of Utan back in 2010 when part of Ultimo, where it was stocked in department stores such as Harvey Nichols (see pic).  Back then, the brand wanted to be big bold and bright; we used the gold foil packaging to give shelf appeal and to match in with the Ultimo gold and black original brand colours.

When Michelle Mone OBE, the founder, created UBeauty Global, Utan moved away from  the Ultimo umbrella and into a brand in it’s own right – needing a more refined look.  We were tasked with rebranding and repackaging.

Michelle wanted to retain the Ultimo U, and so this was developed to stand as an icon within the logo.  The new Utan needed to be more sophisticated and a more grown up brand to match the fantastic benefits that are within the product itself.

During the development process of the packaging, we had to create CAD mock ups of the packaging to assist with retailers visualisation of the product before the prototypes were ready. You can see the CAD mock ups below, followed by the actual product shots.



2015-03-20 12.15.40The final products were received into Boots stores nationwide and on the QVC shopping channel.  We also helped to develop a website by supplying graphics to give the website an identity and social media graphics for the launch and beyond.  For more information, please visit the Utan website.

We also developed graphics for promotional leaflets and adverts that recently appeared within the Evening Standard.


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