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PBS gets an interior makeover

Following the major Penrith Building Society rebrand last year, the interior of the building has finally caught up and was closed for the launch of the refurbishment.

We were asked to mock up the main room (and others) with a new layout that would be fresher and more inviting as well as giving more space to customers and more usable areas.  We designed a simple layout that would help PBS have a starting point for ideas and allow them to give a visual aid to discuss ideas with the interior suppliers.  (Have done a before mock up too for you!)

Option D2-2 mockup

We had used a graphic melding old and new Penrith within their original rebrand as a banner across their welcome folder, which they were keen to recreate as a feature graphic on the back wall.  The team worked hard an the results are wonderful! Here’s a before and after:


The main customer service area benefits from curves that allow customers to flow through and around the room creating a more inviting atmosphere.  There is a welcome desk that greets you as soon as you enter and can direct you where you need to be, and the whole room feels like it benefits from a much more space – deceptive but true!

It’s so lovely to see a rebrand carried through to the end and the results are a more vibrant place to be.  There are lots of great Savings and Mortgage products available from Penrith Building Society and check out the branding and website graphics too!



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