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A logo speaks a thousand words

Your logo has approximately 2 seconds to communicate who your company is, what is does, and how it does it.  Of course, associated marketing also plays a part in this, but if you are a small company without a marketing budget as such, your logo needs to stand head and shoulders above the rest. This doesn’t need to be communicated … Continue reading

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2014: Year in Review

2014 has been a fabulous year, here’s just a handful of some of the projects completed this year.

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Opt4 a change: re-energising a brand

At it’s inception, community energy initiative, Opt4, had a brand in place that was falling a little flat and needed to be re-energised.  The logo didn’t communicate what it did to it’s potential customers, and the colours seemed a little confused and dull, with flat green, black and blue. Opt4 is a not for profit company that was set up in Penrith … Continue reading

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Threedom: the game for three

We were approached by the founders of Threedom to create a website that was simple, clean and clear.  Utilising their existing branding and unique logo, we were to create a simple shop experience where people could visit to buy themselves a board. Threedom is the game designed for three players; developed in response to the classic board game format that caters … Continue reading

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Keeping it short: Sponsorship

As a lover of the ‘ruggedly handsome’ game of rugby, I ventured into sponsoring our local team for the season.  My husband plays for PRUFC and I’ve always joked that one day I wanted my name on his bum, and alas I finally got it! We are official sponsors of the 1st XV Penrith Rugby Union Football Club shorts and wish … Continue reading

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