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My darling: from oz with love

As February reminds us of all things love – we travel to Sydney, Australia, to delve into the depths of a sensuous start-up who we helped by creating a brand identity and advising on all things weblical…

her darlingMy Darling is an online shop for all things intimately sensual.  Selling products with the aim to bring people closer together and connect them to their inner sexual goddess.  A slightly risqué branding exercise, we were delighted to be contacted by these australian lovelies to help in a completely different domain than we were used to.  A challenge is something we strive for in design, as it is widely known that some of the best designs can come from the most constrained of angles.

My Darling is a new venture in Australia, which wanted to go down a sensual and classic route with their branding and website.  After much research, there are very few brands who seem to achieve this, and instead we were faced with a lot of ‘cheap and nasty’ brands that all had a distinctly seedy edge.  We understood perfectly that this was not something the My Darling girls wanted for their brand.  We produced a series of initial concepts based on a muted colour palette to reflect skin tones and looked for simple bold iconography.


Originally, the brand name was to be ‘My Darling xx’ but after further review, the ‘xx’ was dropped in favour of a more subtle, simple overall feel.  We did multiple font studies to develop something that was sensual but not overtly floral as the logo needed to appeal to both sexes.


MainIconThe logo was developed to stand out like a ribbon against the black, and sits side-by-side with a secondary icon suite to enhance the branding and appear as a subtle reminder on the packaging when products are shipped.  This element can also be used as a watermark and incorporates the original ‘xx’ without disturbing the simplicity of the main logo.

Having created the brand, we developed the web design to flow smoothly from page to page without overwhelming the customer.   Using a muted colour palette and classic monochrome artistic nudes, the logo and iconography is subtly highlighted, and the often bright colours of the products attract the eye.  The coding side of this ecommerce site was undertaken by mindarc (Australia).

MyDarlingWebWe loved working with the My Darling team on such a different project in the following ways:

  • Logo design and brand identity
  • Website Design
  • Iconography
  • Business Stationery; cards, etc

For more information on My Darling, please visit


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