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Fit to print: fit for digital

When we were first approached by the lovely Ali Turnbull at fit to print, Ali had already created an identity and website for her business, but needed a branding refreshment.  

Fit to print is the go-to place for all things word, whether this be the printed word or the digital word, Ali helps her clients get straight to the point by streamlining their output whilst amplifying their message.

original logo

The previous branding in place was based around the infamous blue editor’s pencil.  Ali had previously worked as a magazine editor (Running, Modern Midwife) and so this was an important element of the branding to demonstrate Ali’s continual progress and experience within the industry.


Ali had a very clear vision of her business, but lacked a clear identity. We went through a number of different stages throughout the branding process; research, discussion, initial concepts, and development. To create a brand that demonstrates the ethos of the company: saying it all without spelling it out.

Fit to print is all about the written word and creating a clear direction; almost a feng shui for your sentences.  As such, Ali was very passionate about blank space, and the de-cluttering of unnecessary frills.  This took us in a very clean and simple direction.  The issue that the white space reveals is that it can seem intimidating to the uninitiated, which is in complete contrast to the warm and friendly person behind Fit to print.

Initial concepts fit to print

These initial concepts were put to a jury and further developed until we arose at our final logo.  The chosen colour scheme of blues and whites can often look cold, so we added texture and movement to the logo to cut the clinical feel.

torn piece of paper for mesageThe website, was built in development with a company we often work with, Oppo-sites.  The developers had cut back the site to a clear content based page, and it was then our job to create a cohesive look to fit that of the new branding.

White space was an important element to retain, to allow the content to breathe, but we needed to create a balance for the page to work. Don’t get me wrong, I love white space as much as the next designer, but it’s the way you segment this space and make it digestible for the eventual client to understand and enjoy reading, that really makes the difference.


Ali was also keen to develop an iconography related to the 4 main aspects of her business; Explain, Simplify, Refresh, and Publish. We used the blue of the editors pencil, and a clean, simple style to compliment not only the new logo, but also the ‘lean’ sans-serif font chosen for the site content.

fit to print iconography

We loved working with Ali, and did so in the following areas:

  • Complete rebrand including logo design and brand identity
  • Complete Website Design
  • Iconography
  • Business Stationery; cards, etc

If you would like to read more about Ali’s business, please go to

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