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Fit and Fabulous Web Design: Cumbria Pilates

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 16.38.25I was approached by Carol Westmorland of Cumbria Pilates to redesign her website.  Carol’s previous site was a simple but outdated wordpress site, which didn’t put across the warm, bubbly atmosphere of her classes for both men and women.  The site was pink, which was something that Carol wanted to move away from, but an element of illustration was something that she wanted to retain with the future branding.  More modern, more immersive, and more reflective of Carol as a person.

Carol is not only Cumbria’s self-confessed Queen of Pilates, but is also a successful lifestyle columnist and cyclist.  We needed to create a website that would reflect that with professional friendliness at the same time as including information about Carol as a person and animal-lover.  This involved a fine balancing act, and as Carol was not a fan of any existing websites other than my own, we needed to start from square one!

Homepage - no cat

We went through 6 different homepage versions before arriving at the page you see today.  Carol wanted navigation direct from the homepage image, so that the site was more tactile rather than the very popular ‘flat’ and simple looking sites created by templates.

B1q_ijDIUAAbRlv.jpg-largeAs we only ever create bespoke websites, we had the time to make sure this was right before putting it into the coder’s hands.  By doing it this way, form then informs on function, without either losing the battle.

We also developed a new illustrative style that was more up to date and could be used across future marketing materials and show the different elements of Carol.

Carol has classes all over Cumbria, so if you’d like to join, please visit Pilates Cumbria for more information.

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