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Fell Brewery: Artisan Brewing

 Craft brewing is on the up…


It’s all over the radio, and the UK can’t seem to get enough of these bespoke hand-crafted beers.  We were approached by Fell Brewery at the very start of 2012 to develop a brand that was traditional yet distinctively different.  Competitors arrive thick and fast in this industry, and Fell Brewery had a clear idea of how they wanted to come across; distinctly different yet ultimately appealing to the large cross section of discerning beer drinkers.  We are happy to report that Cumbrian Artisan Brewing at Fell Brewery is now well established and creating waves throughout the beer industry.


It’s all about you… Fell Brewery is the brainchild of two lovely lads (known in-house as the Brewery Boys) Andrew and Tim.  As a new craft brewery based in South Cumbria, they did not want to go down the traditional tongue-in-cheek naming process, preferring to let the ingredients speak for themselves.  With a distinct and unique passion as to how beer can compliment a dining experience, the Brewery Boys wanted the Fell Brewery beers to be as at home in a high-end restaurant as within a Real Ale pub.  We went through numerous logo options, with the plectrum shape the only non-variable requested, and styles with Fell allowing for some completely creative concepts.  This relationship has then developed through to packaging and display options, using the Fell ‘pattern’ throughout. Fell Brewery currently has 4 brilliant bottled and draught beers available on the market.

How we helped… For the Fell labels, pump clips, etc, we used some of the illustrative elements developed through the branding to balance both tradition and an artisan hand-crafted approach. Design services have included:

  • Complete brand creation including logo design and brand identity
  • Packaging design
  • Business Stationary; business cards, etc
  • POS/Pump clip design

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