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Digital art: Alan Stones website

We’ve always had a soft spot for art, being a designer it’s surely only natural? That’s why we were delighted to be asked to design a website for artist Alan Stones and another for his hugely talented wife, Rebecca Payn.

This project was finished in conjunction with the coding skills of Arron King of Arrow as it required something a little extra and a seamless e-commerce approach. You may think simplicity is an easy thing to do, it is, but it also has it’s own downfalls as you balance the art of too much and minimalism. Then again, they do say with design that form follows function, but I tend to think of it as more of a marriage, and much prefer the words of William Morris, “Have nothing…that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”, I digress…

1 HomepageWe first embarked on a simple site for Rebecca Payn.  This was designed to display Rebecca’s oil paintings and prints in an easily accessible manner giving the quiet reflection needed for the work.  The artist also wanted the site to be easy to update, and so we delivered a lovely responsive website to bring Rebecca bang up to date.

Later, we were put to work on Alan Stones  website, which is an e-commerce site and complete showcase of the artist’s work for the last 40 years.  It therefore took a lot of time and patience to come to fruition, but we are all delighted with the results.  The initial overall look of the site remains quite unchanged, it was more the detail and the way the site moved and worked with the visitor that needed a little more work.

After discussions with the artist, we wanted a base that would allow all the artworks to shine without the overpowering starkness that a white space can sometimes be, and a pale stone colour was agreed on.

alanWith so many categories and curations of the artist’s work, this needed to be understandable for the visitor and work like an art gallery should, providing space and time between the work for contemplation.

Images were key and needed to take up as much screen space as possible, so Arron created a responsive theme to allow the work to sing wherever it was seen.  It’s the work that makes this site, and the small but subtle design details, such as the search icon and way the shop seamlessly functions and doesn’t disturb the overall gentle quiet.

We really enjoyed designing this site and having our passion for art coupled with our love of great web design.  You can view Alan’s and Rebecca’s sites here:

Alan Stones:

Rebecca Payn:

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