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BEEP Doctors

Beep Doctors (BASICs) Cumbria is a charity, which brings emergency medical care to the patient. Whether that is on the roadside at the scene of a road traffic accident or in your home during a life-threatening emergency.

The brief

Lisa at Acorn Marketing approached us on behalf of her client BEEP Doctors. A charity that have been bringing skilled emergency doctors to the scene of the accident for over 25 years. Their highly skilled volunteer doctors help people all over Cumbria and the Scottish Borders.

BEEP started off as an anagram of the doctors surgery where founder Dr Theo Weston MBE worked, and also related to the cars that bring the emergency doctors to the scene. Originally an illustration of a cartoon car, the team wanted to bring the branding more in line with their serious life-saving message, and creating more consistency and professionalism across their marketing materials.

Post branding, we have also worked with BEEP to design and build them a website to highlight their work and how people can support, donate and get involved. Under Lisa’s direction, we have also produced roller banners and promotional materials for events, including branded plasters and more.

The logo is part of a suite that allows for flexible use and the icon can work as a standalone item or within the logo itself. We needed something that was clear enough to also stand out on their emergency vehicles and more and give people more of an idea of what the charity does. The car and cardiogram highlights this simply and effectively.

BEEP is an excellent cause, visit the website we designed for them for more information.