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West House

Cumbria’s leading care and support provider for adults and children with disabilities. By providing individual, genuine and caring support, West House enables all those in their care to lead a fulfilling, happy life in a homely environment.

The brief

We were introduced to West House via Evergreen Communications, originally to work on a redesign and build of their website to make the site much more open, clean and user friendly. We proposed a revised sitemap which condensed their pages and made it a much easier and more effective UX.

We have worked with West House on a myriad of different projects, including newsletters, case studies, catalogues, pop up banners, digital adverts, strategic road maps and more. This is a great institution to be involved with that has a direct hand in improving the lives of those in our community.

We have had the great pleasure of working with Jili Allen for several years now. Jili has helped us in the redesign of our corporate logo’s and marketing materials. Jili seems to understand how organisations in the charitable sector operate and the importance of how we relate to the local communities that we serve. Our organisation works with children and adults with learning disabilities and Jili has helped us develop our branding to promote our inclusive and person-centred ethos.

James Cox, Chief Executive, West House.


We have also enjoyed working on two of the West House enterprises; West House Pottery and Grow West. We have extended their sub-branding to give them clear identities and have developed e-commerce websites for both.