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A hat-trick of awards to finish 2023! Onwards and upwards for 2024

Audio Chi

An independent audio company based in Glasgow. With a mission is to transform the way people interact with sound, technology and each other. High fashion, high quality headphones.

The brief

Designing fashion forward headphones from product detail to marketing materials. This project involved designing packaging, graphics, brochures and other promotional material.

With a modern, urban feel, these headphones are the bridge between an incredible audio experience and fashion forward accessories.

To flow with the more gritty aspects of the brand, we balanced real textures and writing with sleek photography and minimal font use.

“In a bid to try and look the best, fashionable audio products often lose sight of their function. As a general rule, the sharper dressed a device’s guts, the worse their performance. As with every rule, there are exceptions, though, the B&W Zeppelin standing as a prime example. The Audio Chi W-Series headphones purport to be another such case, delivering good looks and good performance.”

Hugo Jobling, Audio expert, Trusted Reviews.


These limited edition headphones were the pre-cursor to a larger more established audio company developing in the heart of Glasgow.