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A hat-trick of awards to finish 2023! Onwards and upwards for 2024


Alflora provide pure forage products, cut and harvested at their prime, to ensure the best feed options possible for animals big and small.

The brief

We were approached by Alflora before a brand name had flourished. We therefore researched and provided several options which fit the brief of the company to be created. Alflora’s key product is organic Alfalfa hay, but they also provide pellets, ryegrass and more. The organic nature of their products is relatively unique in the UK, and they use forage sourced from the sun-soaked fields of Italy.

The team were looking for a logo that exuded both confidence and friendliness.

We developed a logo that could work with or without it’s accompanying icon, which can also be used elsewhere to reinforce brand recognition. Something that is simple, yet has a clear character.

We have also created labels for packaging, a simple website and look forward to continuing to work with the company as they grow to create some more custom packaging.

Visit alflora.uk for more details