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Lake District Hotels Ltd

Lake District Hotels is a unique selection of family owned hotels in the heart of the Lake District, situated in picturesque lakeside and town centre locations.

The brief

When we first moved to Cumbria, the Lake District Hotel group was one of our first local clients. Working within the existing marketing department, we created graphics for print, digital and more. These included brochures, leaflets, advertising, flyers, posters and table talkers.

Designing on site two days a week allowed us to get right under the skin of the brand and work seamlessly with their permanent members of staff to offer all graphic design support.


“High energy and high high impact creative. Refreshing to see someone new come to Cumbria with so many good ideas. She is on time, on budget and fun to work with.”

Tracey Errington, Marketing Co ordinator, Lake District Hotels Ltd.


The work was varied and interesting as each hotel was unique and each break and event allowed for new marketing materials to be presented. Keeping all messages current, modern and consistently striving for difference in a crowded market place whilst retaining the traditional charm and elegance of not only the hotels but their locations, was a fantastically exciting challenge.