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Design vs. Creativity

One of my previous roles was ‘Creative Designer’, but why the creative? Surely by being a designer, you are automatically creative? Interestingly, and somewhat surprisingly, this is not always the case. When you're looking for design work, think if you are looking for a Creative Designer, or someone that designs, as they are fundamentally different things.

The word ‘design’ has evolved and I would argue that it has been somewhat diluted from its original form. Design and creativity have always been assumed to be synonymous with each other, with the assumption that all design encompasses creativity.

Design and creativity are closely related but distinct concepts.

There are web ‘designers’ everywhere, who in reality are web ‘makers’ or web ‘builders’. Many Graphic Designers are in fact more ‘artworkers’, either adapting existing templates or putting a given idea into practice. This does not make either of these roles any less valid, but this is where Creative Design stands apart.

Creativity refers to the ability to generate new and original ideas, concepts, or solutions. It involves thinking outside the box, making connections between seemingly unrelated things, and approaching problems from different perspectives.This fundamental human trait exists in numerous areas including art, science, technology and everyday life, and within each domain, it involves idea generation with the ultimate goal of creating something unique.

Design, on the other hand, is the process of intentionally creating and shaping something with a specific purpose or goal in mind. It involves applying creative thinking and problem-solving skills to develop solutions that are functional, aesthetically pleasing, and meet the needs of users or clients. Design is often guided by principles, constraints, and objectives, and it requires a systematic approach to transform creative ideas into tangible outcomes.

While creativity is the foundation for design, design develops the practicality of creativity by incorporating additional elements such as functionality, usability, feasibility, and context. Designers use their creative abilities to come up with innovative ideas, but they also consider practical considerations, user needs, market trends, and technical constraints to create effective and meaningful solutions.

So, creativity is the ability to generate new ideas, while design is the intentional process of applying creativity to create purposeful and functional outcomes. Design harnesses creativity to solve problems, meet objectives, and create value.

Now…imagine you had someone at your fingertips that could do both?

A Creative Designer. Someone that could imagine a concept, and action it into reality.

Well, here we are! Contact us at Jili Allen Creative.

Pictured: Conceptual research for seating design from my days as a student in Paris