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AI: should designers be scared?

There has been a lot in the press recently about the rise of artificial intelligence and how for my profession, amongst many others, there is a fear that we could be out of a job in the not too distant future. So, rather than hiding my head in the sand, let’s have a look at AI and it’s impact on design and beyond.

I believe that creatives should not be scared of AI, but they should be aware of its potential impact on their profession, as we have seen it impact other professions. Take supermarkets, for example, and scanning your own shopping. I am an advocate of always going to the human I have to admit, but by automating certain tasks, the role of the staff member shifts and changes – they are more about customer service and helping us with the damn machines, you can in fact, have more of a conversation and feel better served by your mutual frustration of unknown package in the bagging area than you would from the rush of scanning and asking for your card. So we need to look differently at this. An adaptation rather than an obsolescence; a chance for growth, rather than a closed door.

AI is not capable of replicating the creativity and originality that graphic designers bring to their work. AI can assist with certain tasks, but it cannot replace the unique perspective and artistic vision that human designers bring to their work, as well as their understanding of local subtleties, tones of voice and experience gained nuances.

AI can therefore be a valuable tool for graphic designers, allowing them to work more efficiently and effectively. So, let’s highlight some positive aspects of this somewhat disconcerting development.

Interesting take from Design Week, and Swedish furniture designer Ebba Lindgren, who are encouraging us to invite AI as a member of the team and celebrate its strengths. I also heard earlier this week that quiz questions on BBC Radio 1 were written by AI rather than the production team themselves!? However, I saw this quote on a LinkedIn post and thought it summed up the situation well. “In order to replace creatives with AI, clients will need to accurately describe what they want. We’re safe.” With this in mind, I would like to thank our AI overlords for helping with the content for this blog post. (beat em, join em, etc)

If your brand is looking for the human touch, however, contact us at Jili Allen Creative and let’s discuss face to face, your fabulous design plans and how to conquer the world…