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Adore Moi: Adore Illustration

Ultimo is one of the companies I have a long term working relationship with.  Within the company are several beautiful designer lingerie brands, one of which has been getting quite a lot of press recently – Adore Moi.

Adore Moi is an exclusive range sold in Debenhams and at which has a distinctly romantic style.  The new  face & body of the brand, Miss Melanie Sykes was recently announced and a celebratory video created (see below!)  At the tender age of 43, I’m sure you’ll all agree she looks stunning.

The reason I wanted to highlight this brand, is to show you how illustration can be used to great effect.


Adore Moi is “inspired by the elegance and sophistication of the worlds most romantic city…featuring luxurious styles with which you will find it impossible not to fall in love.” with this romantic, parisian feel, the brand lends itself particularly well to a delicate art nouveau feel featuring the florals and lace that it is so synonymous with.

With this in mind, I produced a quick doodle in my moleskine… just a simple pen and ink squiggle around which embraced nature, florals, lace and a delicacy that I thought just may work.

After a little digitizing and some work, this has now become a statement part of the packaging across the range and within Debenhams stores nationwide, which is at once bespoke, individual and highlighting the craftsmanship of the lingerie it graces.


Illustration can be used in many formats, and is not limited to ‘feminising’ a product, just see below for an example of another form of illustration, this time, we have used it to highlight the ‘premium’ quality of the beer within.  As we highlight in what we can do for you there are so many styles of design that can be implemented, and this is the same with illustration, so if you want to add a bespoke element to your branding or packaging, let us know!




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